I love podcasts.  I offer a variety of services for people looking to launch or improve their shows.  To work with me, all ya have to do is reach out.


Do you have an idea for a show but don't know much about podcasts? I can help you take your idea, create a format for the show, and make sure that you're podcast lives up to its potential.  This also includes consulting on what gear you need, how to use it, and how to get started.


Have an idea, equipment, and a way to record it but don't know what's next? Easy.  Send it all to me and I'll edit the content and clean up the sound so it's ready for showtime.



It's easy to underestimate the power of a good launch when it comes to podcasts.  Tons of people release their shows without maximizing the potential of a good launch strategy.  I'll work with you to make sure you open with a bang.



Here's my portfolio of shows I host and/or work on.


Co-Host, Editor, Producer

The Betterment Bros is hosted by me and my buddy Dallas Terrell.  The two of us offer street level advice to people who write in or call in to our show.  We're both professional counselors and live to support others.  When we say street level, what we mean is that neither of us are on a pedestal, an ivory tower, or ABOVE anyone in our audience.  Instead, we're two dudes who just happen to have experience helping others transform their lives and want to share some insight in a fun and casual way.


Editor & Producer

Roxan McDonald & Joe Clements explore spiritual practices and traditions in a fun, playful, and profane way.  This is by far one of my favorite shows on the internet because the two of them do a fantastic job at giving insight on traditional spiritual and Buddhist practice without getting too ethereal about it all.  They have incredible chemistry and damn is this show funny. 


Host, Editor, Producer

Created by author TJ Woodward, Conscious Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment method built on the principle that people are not inherently broken beings.  His book, Conscious Recovery, identifies the three root causes of addiction as unresolved trauma, toxic shame, and spiritual disconnection.  In this podcast, we explore Conscious Recovery principles with industry professionals, clinicians, and spiritual thought leaders.

Flix in 6

Flix in 6 was the first podcast I ever started.  Joined by some of my movie-loving homies, we reviewed Netflix shows and movies to help spare people the hours of unnecessary scrolling.


The Spotlight Podcast was created by me and a few of my colleagues in the addiction treatment field.  We have monthly meetings on what services are out there so we can share resources to better serve our communities...I just turned it into a podcast.  The show highlights different treatment programs, therapists, coaches, and anyone in the behavioral health field wanting to help those struggling with addiction and mental health.

Unannounced Project

That's right...I have a 6th show on the way, but for now, it's under wraps.

I'm announcing it to my email list in the coming weeks. If you'd like, go ahead and sign up to stay in the loop.

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